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"She's one of the rare kind who
gave up her own property
, a luxury bungalow,
to house the aged sick.
I think she is a remarkable person.
She looked after the home
without receiving any pay or salary

Mr Lim Soon Kheam, the former treasurer of the Society for the Aged Sick.
Quote adapted from Singapore Extraordinary People

"She's 95 and she's
looking after those who are younger than her
She'll go all out. She doesn't care about herself.
She only cares about others
This inspires me to follow her."

Mr Thanaraja, a volunteer.
Quote adapted from Singapore Extraordinary People

"Her life continues to be a shining example of Goodness
in a world where the aged, the sick, the poor
and the homeless need unconditional love,
demonstrated through practical, supportive actions."

Prof Peter Swannel, Vice Chancellor and President of University of Southern Queensland, April 2003

"We have to thank Sister Teresa and Brother Sharana.
They are the driving force behind this service,
to sort the donations and to visit the families.
What we are doing is so easy compared to
what they give; all we have to do is to contribute."
Ong Siew Chin who volunteered to set up this website, October 2003

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