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Sister Teresa - Never too old to care for others

Starting a community service is no easy task and would not have been possible without the strong conviction and dedication of Teresa Hsu.


Teresa Hsu, born in Swatow-Kak Chioh, China, in 1898, passed away on 7 December, 2011. She had lived and worked in various parts of the world as a volunteer nurse, and devoted her whole life tirelessly to care for and help the poor, the needy, the sick and the abandoned.  She founded Home For The Aged Sick in Singapore in 1965, a free nursing home catering to those who are old, poor, sick and without friends or relatives to look after them.  For many years she helped poor families and needy individuals with food and money donated by supporters and donors who rallied to her call under her Heart To Heart assistance programme.  Although not formally educated, Teresa Hsu was an amazing learner who picked up languages and dialects easily with the help of her own unique phonetics.  She read widely, and practised and taught Yoga and meditation for many years.  In recognition of her lifework and learning, the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, conferred on Teresa an honorary Doctorate degree of the University in 2003. She won several other awards for her work and contributions to society, including the Public Service Star of the Republic of Singapore in 2009.


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