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Friends, supporters and volunteers,

The late Sister Teresa Hsu's Heart To Heart Service has only one official website:  There may be other entities that have hosted websites using names very similar to ours, and indeed, may be mistaken for the late Sister Teresa's Heart To Heart Service. 

Heart To Heart Service has not solicited, and do not solicit donations from anyone; nor has Heart To Heart Service authorised any person or organisation to solicit donations of any kind from anyone or anywhere.  If any solicitation for donations is made by any party, it has nothing to do with Heart To Heart Service or the work of the late Sister Teresa.  We urge you to be cautious in responding to appeals for donations if and when such appeals are purportedly made on behalf of Heart To Heart Service and the late Sister Teresa. We reiterate that no person or organisation is authorised by Heart To Heart Service to solicit donations of any kind from anyone in any country.

If in doubt, do not respond to the appeals for donations.  You may wish to contact Sharana Rao at to verify the matter.

Thank you!

Sharana RAO

Co-Worker of the late Sister Teresa Hsu

8 July 2012


This is to inform all friends, supporters, donors, volunteers, and well-wishers of Heart To Heart that Sister Teresa passed away peacefully at home on Wednesday 7, December 2011.  In accordance with her wish to depart quietly and peacefully, and her instructions not to make any announcement in the news media, as well as not to conduct or perform any rituals or ceremonies that will cause disturbance and inconvenience to others, she was cremated on the same day.  She has further instructed that no claim be made of her ash by whosoever.

 I have duly carried out her instructions, and respected her wishes.  It is hoped that all friends, supporters, donors, volunteers, and well-wishers respect her wishes too, so that she can rest in peace.

Sharana RAO

Love And Share: Memoirs Of A Centenarian

Sister Teresa has passed away, but she has left us a legacy: her very own posthumously published memoirs.  Love And Share: Memoirs Of A Centenarian is her loving gift for those who want to know about her life and her work.  She completed this work before she fell ill, and the book was with the printers when she passed away.  After she passed away, a Postscript was added by her co-writers to bring events up to date.  Except for the Postscript, the text of her memoirs remains unchanged.

This book is now available only in hard cover.  All proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards funding Heart To Heart's assistance programme in Singapore and overseas.  Enquiries may be addressed to  for the attention of Sharana RAO.


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